Sometimes food talk can get a little too serious. And though we’ll happily debate the minutiae of every dish that passes our lips, it’s good to have a little old-fashioned fun sometimes.

What could be more fun for our next Yauatcha Life column than a comic strip? A manga comic strip by Skinny Bib and Hoon Yoon to be exact. We’ve wanted to collaborate with this creative food duo for a while now – here’s what they have to say about the TOAST x Yauatcha collaboration…

Skinny Bib:

Yauatcha has been a part of my London living well before my blog and social media. There is a real taste of comfort when I go there, but for many others, I believe there’s still much more to be discovered – the wide range of dim sum, the tea, the cakes! Hoon’s drawing captures this sense of comfort and discovery in a very peaceful sort of way.

Hoon Yoon:

When I think of Yauatcha, I think of dim sum instantly. The customary and fun part of dim sum is to share it with someone. The main character of our comic is a guy who knows his food and enjoys his lonesome meal. Once in a while, he doesn’t mind being interrupted. In our previous comic work, we rarely use colours. But I find the blue and pink identity colours of Yauatcha to be really soft and relaxed, so I have incorporated them as part of the narrative. Manga 1Dim sum manga p2


You can find Skinny Bib on Instagram at @theskinnybib and Hoon Yoon at @hoonyoon.