Introducing Yauatcha’s Rainbow dumplings.

In support of Magic Breakfast, Yauatcha has created seven rainbow coloured dumplings with unique fillings, from the numbing heat of Szechuan peppercorns with tenderloin beef to the delicate spices of cumin lamb inspired by Northwestern Chinese cuisine.

For every Rainbow dumpling dish sold, a month of healthy breakfasts before school for a child will be donated through Magic Breakfast.

The charity provides healthy and nutritious breakfasts for children alongside support to help identify and reach pupils at risk of hunger. The initiative works with 480 partner schools to make sure that 48,000 children start their school day in the best way possible.

Independent research found that pupils in schools who provide free breakfasts experience boosted reading, writing and maths skills by an average of two months progress per year compared to pupils in schools with no breakfast provisions.

Yauatcha is excited to partner with such an important and valuable charity.

The flavours include:

Red: Szechuan tenderloin beef
Orange: Cumin spiced lamb
Yellow: Chicken and Chinese chive
Green: Mushroom and bamboo pith
Blue: Pork and prawn
Indigo: Seafood and spinach
Violet: Truffled sweet potato