In celebration of the arrival of fresh spring days and crisp blue skies, Yauatcha is launching the Spring Collection, a range of five new petits gateaux and macarons.

(Lemon sesame tart)

The Spring Collection presents a selection of patisserie inspired and influenced by spring, with seasonal ingredients and flavours from East and West such as crunchy and tart green apple, aromatic passion fruit, sweet rhubarb, and sudachi, a small green Japanese citrus fruit.

Highlights of the Spring Collection include Pink, with a ginger cheesecake mousse, rhubarb compote and almond streusel, and Cocoa forastero, made of 41% Alunga milk chocolate, passion fruit confit and a chocolate sacher sponge.


The five macaron flavours include bergamot pistachio, vanilla sudachi and kumquat cashew, amongst others.

Available in the restaurant and at Yauatcha Soho and Yauatcha Patisserie from Monday 9th April.