The days are getting shorter and the weather is growing chillier… this means only one thing: the festive season is fast approaching.

In celebration, Yauatcha City introduces the Winter Terrace with Talisker.

With faux fur rugs and comfortable throws, the warm glow of candlelight and twinkling stars, the Winter Terrace encompasses the perfect wintery hideaway, complete with its own exclusive cocktail menu of warming cocktails.

Open now.

Winter Terrace cocktail menu

Cannelle Old Fashioned
Talisker 10 yrs whisky, cinnamon,
brown sugar and Angostura bitters

Chocolate Espresso Martini
Talisker 10 yrs whisky, Ketal One
vodka, dark chocolate and espresso

Oriental Tea Punch
Talisker 10 yrs whisky, Ron
Zacapa 23 yrs, lemon juice,
orange juice, ginger juice,
cinnamon syrup, Angostura bitters,
Oriental CB tea

Yunnan Mocha
Talisker 10 yrs whisky, Ketal
One vodka, chocolate, Himalayan
salt, sugar, espresso and milk
served with a toasted marshmallow

Assam Toddy
Talisker 10 yrs whisky, First
Flush Assam tea, lemon, star
anise and cloves