In China, few things are more important than breakfast or brunch.

For thousands of years, people have been congregating outside of dim sum restaurants, waiting with friends and family to indulge in yum cha once the doors open.

Yum cha, or the act of drinking tea and eating dim sum, has been a tradition enjoyed by everyone since the Song Dynasty. Nowadays, the custom is enjoyed across the world.

Yum Cha at Yauatcha City pays homage to this ancient culinary art with an exclusive menu only available on Sundays.

The menu showcases yum cha in a style reminiscent of Hong Kong teahouses: guests are able to tick the dishes they’d like off from the menu, which includes classic and contemporary dim sum, desserts and champagne, wine or a new Bloody Mary flight.

Priced at £29 per person for six dim sum, Yum Cha is available every Sunday until 22nd December from 10am until 4pm.

Dim sum

Wagyu beef bun

Berkshire pork belly bun

Thai style chicken bun

Steamed chicken bun

Char siu bun

Mushroom and vegetable bun V

Seafood black truffle dumpling

Har gau

Pork and prawn shui mai

Sticky rice in lotus leaf

Fun guo

Spicy pork Szechuan wonton

Chicken feet in chilli black
bean sauce

Szechuan dumpling V

Wild mushroom dumpling V

Crystal dumpling wrap V

Crispy duck roll

Mushroom spring roll V

Roasted duck pumpkin puff

Chicken Shanghai dumpling

Vegetable Shanghai dumpling V

Venison puff

Prawn cheung fun one roll

Three style mushroom one roll
cheung fun V


Sesame egg yolk custard ball

Jasmine chocolate bun V

Petit gateau


A la carte

Crispy aromatic duck half

Hand pulled noodle with shimeji
mushroom V

Egg fried rice with long bean V

Pork and preserved egg congee

Gai lan

Baby pak choi


1/2 bottle of Henriot Champagne
1/2 bottle of white or red wine
Avesso, Cazas Novas, Damasca,
Tenute Fiorebelli

Bloody Mary flight
a bold evolution of a true classic
Szechuan Mary
Ginger Snapper
Lemongrass Maria

Cucumber & lime, Tokyo cooler,
Lime and passion