An everyday walk through Chinatown. The quiet moments amongst the bustle, the meeting of friends, or a snatched lunchtime bowl of food. A place that gathers people finding a taste of home or searching for memories of their travels, and a gentle flow of the city runs through. Chinatown, a heart of the capital, engraved in its history –  a home, and place of belonging for many.

Photographs by Ming Tang-Evans

Words by Anna Sulan Masing





Enjoy the moment of choosing.

Boxed up, future pleasure.

Tap, tap, tap on the glass. Squirm and shuffle.

Cockles and mussels, alive, alive oh!

Silky to touch, ribbed to feel – like an expensive jacquard weave. Fabric for cooking.

This life is never lonely. Be brave. You’ll find your friends. #DurianClub

Just hold your nose, close your eyes, stick our your tongue – I promise there is gold under those prickly scales.

Love is a snog after a durian feast.

Cake goes together with company. Even if they’re late.

Chewy, warm pockets of pastry. Gently rip and tear.

Soft thumbs, pressing flesh – and fold. Roll filling between your fingers.

Hanging, delicious carcasses. Greedy little hands, ripping into juicy flesh, slurping up the fat. Ducks for days, chickens for weeks, and squid for right now – best served ready to be torn into, with the very best of friends.

Friends make each other presentable, for public.

Food fuels envy – voyeurism and fascination.

The night comes, and a new magic appears.