Yauatcha is celebrating the illustrious colour red for Chinese New Year.

In China, red is synonymous with the New Year, symbolic of good luck, prosperity and joy. The colour corresponds with fire, an element considered to provide warmth, enthusiasm and creativity.

Paying homage to this significant festive colour, the pastry team has created a range of ten petits gateaux each decorated a vibrant shade of red, alongside a red cocktail using the Chinese spirit baijiu and a red dim sum platter, available from 16th January until 11th February.

Throughout the Chinese New Year celebrations, the restaurants will be decorated with glowing red Chinese lanterns. A traditional lion dance, said to drive away evil spirits and bring good luck for the following year, will be held at Yauatcha City on 27th January and Yauatcha Soho on 29th January.

Launching over Chinese New Year, Yauatcha Life, a printed annual magazine celebrating the unique culture and heritage associated with Yauatcha, is available to order online and pick up in the restaurants.