Harmony, tranquillity and peace are central to Yauatcha.

While the restaurants are contemporary interpretations of traditional Hong Kong teahouses, also known as ‘chatter shops’, the design of each venue – from Soho in London to Mumbai in India, and now Waikiki, Hawaii – is firmly rooted in feng shui, the ancient Chinese philosophical system of harmonising with the natural environment.

Historically, feng shui was used to orient buildings in an auspicious manner. While the practice was suppressed in Mainland China during the 1960s, it has remained popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan where traditional culture has been preserved and retained throughout the years.

One of the basic principles of feng shui is the principle of the five elements: wood, fire, metal, earth and water. It is this that is evident in the design of Yauatcha Waikiki, the seventh Yauatcha restaurant and the first in the United States.

Paris-based design firm GBRH has ensured that each of the five elements is represented in the restaurant: blue, yellow, red, black, and white. From the furniture, including tall elegant red chairs, and decorative lighting to the intricate design throughout, each detail has been considered to create a truly balanced and harmonious experience.

This sympathetic design influenced by feng shui can be found in all Yauatcha restaurants around the world. The blue glass found in every corner of the restaurants is indicative of the calming restorative effects of water, one of the most powerful and versatile feng shui elements. The brick walls, typical of traditional dim sum teahouses, bring the outside in, celebrating organic and natural materials, while twinkling lights pay homage to the brilliant night sky, and the sweeping terrace affords a view of one of Hawaii’s cherished banyan trees, a tree that holds special significance in Chinese art and literature.

Yauatcha Waikiki will be opening 1st February 2017 at International Market Place, Honolulu.


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